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Possible New Job - Need Your Feedback Please

January 9th, 2018 at 03:10 am

A lady, whose apartment I inspect, and I had a conversation six months ago regarding her job change and the new company she is with. After that conversation, I haven't put a second thought about her new job but I do remember telling her that if there were openings, I would be interested.

Fast forward to last week. I schedule her six month inspection and she asks me to bring along my resume because she wants to give it to her boss because the company is hiring. I said ok and asked no questions.

The day of the inspection (yesterday), I arrive and she tells me about the job. It is her job because she was promoted. She tells me all about the position and the company and that she has been "talking me up" to her boss. I gave her my resume with a cover letter and my personal business card.

Mind you, I'm currently employed, but my company is facing the end of the current contract (September of this year) and we may either remain or be picked up by a new company. I don't think my job is in any danger of being eliminated, but who knows? I enjoy my co-workers very much.

Here are PROS to the new job as I know them:
New job: Somewhere in the mid $40k (DOE)
Current job: $38k (for the last 10+ years)

New job: Every year
Current job: No raise since 2008

Annual Bonus
New job: Every year (generous according to her)
Current job: Never

New job: 4 miles from home
Current job: 22 miles from home

New job: 8 hour day - flexible hours and possible work from home when needed (as in Hurricane Irma or when feeling sick)
Current job: 8 hour day - fixed 7-3:30.

Skills Challenge
According to the lady, practically the same job I'm doing now. Sometimes its slow.

Advancement Opportunities
New job: the company is growing and some people are retiring soon which means an opportunity to move up.
Current job: Only if I go to another project (most likely in the Middle East) or the corporate hq in another city. In other words, none.

New job: No health insurance (dental, or vision) is offered. According to the lady, you shop your own insurance and the company reimburses you for the premium. Now she is single so that is easy, but I have a family so I don't know if they would do that for family coverage. This would affect my husband and #2 DS (21 y/o and in college). I am in the VA system and #3 DS is on Medicaid due to his disability.
Current job: The whole enchilada, though I pay about $400-ish a month.

New job: 401k is deferred until 1 year of employment anniversary. I did not ask if they had a company match for contributions. (Though I have an IRA where I rolled in my old 401ks and I contribute a little to that).
Current job: 401k with company match up to 6% with immediate vesting.

Time Off
New job: 14 days per year which includes vacation and sick days.
Current job: I have finally earned three weeks vacation after working eight years. I accrue some fraction of an hour each pay period for paid time off (sick time). None of it is use it or lose it. As of now, because of my folks' health issues, I'm in the hole by three days. If I leave without it reaching back to zero, the company will take it from my final earnings.

So that is what I'm grappling with. I don't know if I will be contacted or not, but if I am, I want to feel assured that I'm not missing anything. I would love your feedback!

5 Responses to “Possible New Job - Need Your Feedback Please”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    It sounds like the new job allows you to grow and is a better deal overall. However, if it were me I would want specifics on the health insurance before I decided. I am sure there is a cap on what they cover. It would also matter what the turnaround time is on reimbursement.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    It's definitely okay to interview and ask lots of questions. I'd want to meet the coworkers? Would you be working under this woman, and do you like her? Definitely get more details on the insurance...in other words start shopping and then ask if that is accpetable insurance for reimbursement.

    You did say you liked your co-workers now. That can make work bearable, so sometimes it isn't about the money. Although co-workers can leave too and everything changes.

    Good luck!

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    The new job offers a lot of advantages. With any offer, make sure they put everything in writing, including the health insurance deal and other benefits. They can't discriminate against married people, so if a single person gets their premiums reimbursed, they would have to do the same for all.

    No matter what salary they offer you, don't leap at it. Pause before speaking and say that while you're very excited to receive an offer, you were hoping for a bit more. See how they react. Try to raise it by at least a few thousand.

    I would be inclined to take it based on the higher pay, regular bonuses and raises and much better commute. In fact, it would be an easy decision for me. Smile I hope you go for it.

  4. kashi Says:

    The new job sounds potentially really great if you like the people and the feel of the organization. I'd want more information on the health insurance situation before saying yes. Definitely try to negotiate a higher salary...they don't need to know that you make less now.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    I would certainly keep an open mind on this new job. It sounds like it has some great potential. As nice as coworkers are, don't let these relationships hold you back. Perhaps if you take this new job, our new coworkers will be great too.

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