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Ambitious Savings Goals

November 17th, 2016 at 04:57 am

Ambitious for me. I sat down yesterday and put together our monthly expenses (bare bones expenses). Then I expanded the list to 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months. I decided, that even though I have debt, I need to make a serious effort to save beyond my initial $1,000 for emergencies. My goal is to continue saving to reach these milestones. My husband and I are at the age that layoffs, injury or illness can seriously impact our life. We are truly living paycheck to paycheck. My sidebar is updated with my savings goals. I'm very close to goal #1 and once I reach that milestone, I will put it in a CD. I truly hope we don't ever have a need to touch it.

In other news, inspections for my side biz are picking up from one of my clients. More money!

2 Responses to “Ambitious Savings Goals”

  1. alice4now Says:

    Very wise idea to keep up steady savings despite the debt. I know for me, sometimes I'm tempted to throw everything towards a debt, but then of course I am not prepared for the next "big event" that crops up.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Saving even a little will help. My first year of teaching, the teachers voted to go out on strike. Before getting a full time job, I had a small savings account I called my mad money. The bank was really good about letting me put in small amounts. Sometimes it was less than $2, but whatever extra I had, I deposited. It was nice to have that mad money to fall back on and saving it was sort of painless. Hope you can find gainful employment and no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck.

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