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A&L 3rd Quarter 2016

September 30th, 2016 at 05:22 am

One thing I realized when I started this blog is that I didn’t have a full picture of my financial situation. The numbers below are mine. DH and I keep our finances separate. We have an arrangement of who pays for what and it has worked for us for nearly 25 years.

My credit score = 727 (according to Mint, update coming in mid-October)

Total Savings (Cash) = 960.76 I guess in reality, I am a lot closer to having $1,000 saved in cash but these are divided up for specific items.
Emergency = 407.82 (my goal is funding to $1,000)
Automotive Insurance (due in March) = 115.21 ($500 goal)
CCW Dues & Cards (the dues portion is fully funded now) = 40.15
Christmas Gifts (this is cash and does not include gift cards I’ve accumulated)= 70.96 ($200 goal)
Clothes/Makeup/Hair = 20.00 (fully funded for hair so far).
Gym annual fee x 4 @ 39.99 = 21.00 ($160 goal for August 2017)
Healthcare (this is time off work without pay) = 130.18 (1-1/2 days worth so far – goal is 3 days)
DS3’s Senior Year expenses (he is a junior this year) = 63.58 (goal is $700)
Sharebuilder (I’m building some cash to buy shares. I already have investments) = 7.63 (goal is $100)
Travel = 44.38 (goal is $1000)
Change jars (combined) = 40.47(no real goal – $100 as a stash fund)

Total Investments = 44,015.70
Fidelity 401k = 22,922.48
Sharebuilder = 21.093.22

Home Value (according to Zillow) = 96,000 (rounded)
Car Value (according to wherever Mint gets its information) = 8,000 (rounded)

Total Assets = 148,975.56

Debt Balances = 123,363.23
CC1 = 14,245.90 (9.90% APR Fixed)
CC2 = 3,953.36 (15% APR Variable)
Student Loan = 18,039.78 (2.8% Fixed)
Mortgage = 87,124.19 (6.375% Fixed - Maturity date = 6/1/2036)

Total Liabilities = 123,363.23

DH and I split these up. DH takes care of the cell phone bill (DS1, DS2, my parents contribute), the mortgage, his own fuel, automotive insurance (though I just started saving for my car to contribute) and most of the groceries.
My expenses are as follows (budget for the month) = 717.36
Electric and water (budget) = 200 (variable)
My fuel = 160 per month (variable)
Alarm company = 54
Internet service = 86
Gym membership for the family = 87.36
Groceries (sometimes I buy) = 100 (variable)
Tithe = 30 month
Breakfast – Grilled cheese, orange juice, coffee
Lunch – Breakfast burrito (ham, egg, cheese), banana
Dinner – Garbanzo soup with white rice
Snack - apple

4 Responses to “A&L 3rd Quarter 2016”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    It is good to know where you stand and where what you want to achieve.

  2. snafu Says:

    Having goals and setting limits is smart. I suggest keeping it as simple as possible. Our coin jar accumulation is too difficult to anticipate so it's only factored in as 'bonus,' when actually deposited. I find it easiest to operate on an annualized basis, each of 12 pays enter actual sums disbursed. For example, I pay vehicles & home insurance as one payment only .If you designate $ 55. Oct. - Mar. for vehicle ins. you will have sum available when needed].

    I believe in paying myself 1st, 10% net off the top. Initially it was a fast, simple way of accumulating an EF. My employment was stable so I felt $ 1,000. was sufficient. It does double duty as 'float' in our prime chequing account as the bank waives fees for all their services including foreign transfer and Notary. Can you tell I'm one of those secret penny pinchers who finds it amazingly beneficial to access small nearly micro savings. Honestly, they add to surprising sums each year.

  3. snafu Says:

    yuck, computer is eating sentences, edit declines to work... will try to fix

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Good listing. Knowing what you have and what your goals are is important to achieving them instead of just guessing.

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