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Personal and Business Spending

September 3rd, 2016 at 04:59 am

Breakfast: Pancakes (Kodiak cakes) and coffee
2nd breakfast: none
Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich on 1 slice of bread
Dinner: At my parent’s home Garbanzo beans soup, white rice, cuban crackers, peach pie(I try to eat smaller amounts during the day because my mom serves so much food at dinner).
Extra food:a glass of wine

Dinner menu for next week:
Saturday: BBQ chicken (I may take this to the church pot-luck)
Sunday: Spaghetti and sausage w/garlic bread
Monday: Dinner at my parents
Tuesday: Rice w/red beans and cornbread
Wednesday: Crab cakes with potatoes and green beans
Thursday: Chicken tenders w/potato wedges and corn
Friday: Dinner at my parents

Personal income – Payday (DH’s day job)
Personal spending - Amazon.com 126 for replacement of PCB assembly for our stove (thermostat board). The 5.99 credit was applied. The burners are running hot and aren’t turning off. My DH will install.

Business spending –
1. Renewed our workman’s compensation exemption for DH and myself $102.
2. Paid DS1 for August side gig $585 (he did most of the work this month)
Business income:
1. Received two checks from one of our clients equaling 80.
2. I expect a check any day now from another client for 752.49 (the 2.49 was materials reimbursement) So total for the month of August is 830.00 (I’m not counting the reimbursement).

August Side Biz recap: 830 income - 687 expenses = 143 profit

Fun fact about my DH’s side gig: When he does an inspection of a car for a bidder, he sometimes finds some really neat stuff. He usually finds music CDs to add to our collection. Recently he found a top-quality mid-size flashlight (www.maglite.com). Would you call these ‘snowflakes’?

For my side gig for today, I had to reschedule due to the weather. I got an assignment from one of the clients that is very easy to do and I will do it tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Personal and Business Spending”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Kind of neat your DH found CDs and a great flashlight!

    Like your weekly menu!

  2. Trying to get ahead Says:

    Thanks rob62521!

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